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Ferm Living are a Danish design company who offer a distinctively modern range of stylish homeware. Based in Copenhagen and with a passion for design and craftsmanship, Ferm Living have established themselves as a staple of leading interior designers and those with a fondness for mid-century Scandinavian design with a contemporary twist.

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  1. Ferm Living - Wire Basket - Rose - Medium

    Make room in your home with the Wire Basket in lovely Rose from Ferm Living. Made from iron wire with a powder coating, this versatile product can be used to store a multitude of items including, toys, blankets, firewood, magazines and much more. The geometric shapes make it a practical and stylish piece. Appealing on its own or as part of a set of wire baskets from the same range by Ferm Living. This multi-use basket can also be turned into a side or coffee table when you purchase one of Ferm Living’s oak tops.
  2. Ferm Living - Hexagon Vase - Rose Ferm Living - Hexagon Vase - Rose

    Ferm Living - Hexagon Vase - Rose

    Sometimes we all need some time to de-stress after a long day. One way to create a calming environment to come home to is bringing some greenery into your living area. These Ferm Living Hexagon Vases are just what you need to display your favourite home greenery. Made from powder coated metal with a stylish matte finish, these are available in a range of colours and geometric inspired designs.

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  3. Ferm Living - Scented Candle - Blue

    Add some warmth to your home with this gorgeous fig scented candle. Available in an array of colours, these Ferm Living candles are crafted from a fig-scented soya wax and packaged in a stunning ceramic pot with reactive glaze coating. Full of rustic charm, these candles add a unique point of interest to your room and are perfect for creating a hygge atmosphere throughout your home. The pot can also be re-used as a trinket holder or handy storage storage pot!
  4. Ferm Living - Groove Cups - White (Set of Four) Ferm Living - Groove Cups - White (Set of Four)

    Ferm Living - Groove Cups - White (Set of Four)

    Intrigue and impress guests with the set of 4 white porcelain Groove Cups from our stunning range by Ferm Living. Each cup varies in size than the last and super easy to store as they are stackable. They will integrate into any home perfectly with their simplistic style and matte white colouring. Enjoy your favourite beverage in these embellished groove cups inspired by Scandinavian design.

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    Special Price £17.99

  5. Ferm Living - Geometry Espresso Cups (Set of 4) Ferm Living - Geometry Espresso Cups (Set of 4)

    Ferm Living - Geometry Espresso Cups (Set of 4)

    These Ferm Living espresso cups are the perfect early morning accompaniment, adding some extra joy to your daily coffee fix. Available in a set of four, each cup is crafted from 100% porcelain and features a different co-ordinating geometric pattern. Their monochrome design is both classic yet contemporary, making them the perfect fit regardless of your style. They are even stackable, which is always a bonus!

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    Special Price £24.99

  6. Ferm Living - Black Semicircle Cushion

    Make a stylish statement with the Black Semicircle Cushion from Ferm Living. This deluxe cushion is made from 100% organic cotton so connecting to the eco-friendly homeowners. The Semicircle pattern has a certain retro flare to it, but with a modern edge. Perfect in the bedroom or living area with pastel or bold colours. And, if you’re going for a minimal aesthetic, it won’t disrupt that.
  7. Ferm Living - Kelim Cushion - Semicircle

    Make a statement with these cushions as part of the Kelim range by Ferm Living. Spruce up your living room or re-design your bedroom, their versatility means they will look great almost anywhere. They are handmade from 80% wool and 20% cotton using a traditional weaving techniques with a ‘Punja’ manual loom. The wool yarn is hand dyed therefore it is likely that shades will vary slightly from cushion to cushion, making them unique to each individual owner. The Semicircle design is part of a much larger range of Ferm Living, so ideal if you are looking for more than one cushion to create a harmonious look for the home.
  8. Ferm Living - Black Mini Triangle Cushion

    Ferm Living once again showing us how unique they are with the Black Mini Triangle Cushion. Made from 100% organic cotton, the design is completely hand printed, therefore making each cushion different to the last. Style your individually patterned cushion in any room of the house. From living areas, to bedrooms and nurseries, the Black Mini Triangle Cushion will refresh any living space. Contemporary design and Scandinavian inspired, Ferm Living continue to play on the interior style-lovers mind.
  9. Ferm Living - Kelim Cushion - Black Triangles

    Give your home a mini facelift and apply some soft furnishings in the form of these Kelim Cushions from Ferm Living. Each one unique as the last, they are handmade from 80% wool and 20% cotton. Stylish pattern, combining monochrome and geometric and the filling is duck feather and down. The Kelim cushion compliments other furnishings in the Ferm Living range well and they add a bit of character to an otherwise minimal space.
  10. Ferm Living - Scented Candle - Red

    Unwind in the scented aromas of fig with the scened candle range by Ferm Living. The perfect way to de-stress and detach yourself from the strain modern life can sometimes present. This fig scented candle comes in a rustic red, elegant ceramic pot filled with soya wax. When the candle runs out, you can use the pot for other household items for example, jewellery, stationary, or any small items that you tend to misplace.
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Items 1 to 10 of 26 total